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Nuclear Energy Consultants (NEC) Inc

NEC is conveniently located in Rockville, Maryland near utility and nuclear regulatory agencies, industry corporate offices and Washington, DC. The company staff are also fully prepared and capable of working effectively with organizations located worldwide. As needed, NEC has operated offices in the areas of Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Oswego and Long Island, New York; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco and Sacramento, California; Raleigh and Ocracoke, North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Pennsville, New Jersey; and Boston, Massachusetts. Site specific offices have been located at various locations near nuclear power plants across the United States.

Since 1983, NEC has served the nuclear power industry with regulatory, management, engineering and technical services of the highest quality. NEC personnel have managed and participated in numerous phases of nuclear power plant design, licensing, construction, startup, operation, maintenance and quality assurance.

Experienced NEC managers and engineers have held senior positions with nuclear utilities, engineering and consulting firms, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Department of Energy (DOE). NEC employees have included expert witness personnel, degreed licensing and technical engineers, registered professional engineers, licensed Senior Reactor Operators and Reactor Operators, and technicians with "hands-on" commercial and naval nuclear power experience. These personnel are composed of highly experienced managers, engineers, and technicians with expertise in a wide range of areas.

NEC's staff is experienced in the management, technical and regulatory aspects of commercial nuclear power plants. NEC employs individuals who are technically qualified and experienced in the specific specialty areas, eliminating the need for training at the clients' Expense. NEC managers are experienced in resource allocation, cost control and analysis, and performance monitoring. Their managers recognize that the only acceptable level of performance is on time, within budget and of high quality.



NAC Worldwide Consulting

NAC Worldwide Consulting, with offices in Atlanta, London, Moscow & Tokyo, is a leading management consultancy for the energy and technology community specializing in strategic, performance, energy resources and information management. NAC has served as the industry's leading nuclear fuel cycle consultant for over 30 years. Led by internationally recognized fuel cycle experts with more than 300 man-years of experience.

NAC offers strategic planning, market research/analysis, nonproliferation studies, technical, political, public, sociopolitical issue analysis, price forecasts, procurement strategies, bid specification preparation, Bid evaluation, contract negotiation support and contract review, nuclear fuel design review and analysis, nuclear fuel quality assurance services, nuclear fuel performance assessment, spent fuel characterization, data collection and analysis, litigation support and training seminars.




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